Surveillance services

BLI provides surveillance in support of litigation defense for attorneys representing companies large and small. Before and during preparations for trial the BLI surveillance team consistently obtains 4K video that can significantly lower liability and at times eliminate it. The 4K presentations BLI puts on can drastically change the direction of a case.

Worker's Compensation Claims
Disability/Personal Injury
Claims/Litigation Defense

By providing video evidence for the defense of suspicious claims, surveillance can help make informed, timely decisions regarding the acceptance or denial of a claim. It can also assist in getting a claimant released back to work.

Disgruntled/Violent Employees
Workplace Protection
Strike Contingency

Surveillance of a disgruntled or violent worker can help prevent catastrophes at the work place and potentially limit future liability. Surveillance in this area provides peace of mind and protection for management as well as employees. BLI investigator Jeffery Brose is widely known as an expert in this area.

Internal Theft/Fraud
Loss Prevention
Vendor Theft

The entire BLI team are experts in infiltrating, investigating and detecting internal fraud at the workplace.