Latest Technology

Since the inception of BLI there has been a constant commitment to use the most up to date equipment and technology for our product and bringing results to the client. BLI is unmatched in this area. BLI obtains 4K video and supplies the non-degraded product on thumb drives in MP4 format. BLI is the only investigative firm in the region that supplies and puts on presentations in this totally non-degraded product. Most investigative firms lose more than 40% of the quality of the video they supply by putting it onto DVD or CD’s. The result of this ongoing upgrade to the best equipment in the industry has been remarkably vivid video for our clients.

In early 2012 BLI again conducted a total transformation to Sony tapeless 4K Camcorders that are state of the art. This also included our entire inventory of covert cameras. The video obtained is supplied on thumb drives but can also be viewed through a secure link on this website which makes for almost instantaneous viewing of the film obtained. For presentations to physicians or other venues BLI puts the 4K video onto new Apple IPADS for the presentation. In claims hearings or court presentations BLI puts on the demonstration using Sony 4K flat screens plugging in the thumb drives for unparalleled video quality. No other investigative firm in the Northwest does this.

More important than the equipment is an explicit knowledge of the laws regarding its use. The BLI team members are all experts in this area and BLI is in its 28th year without any type of claim against our actions or work. The best equipment and the product it produces are useless unless it is obtained legally and lawfully. This goes back to the basic philosophy of BLI and that is our integrity.

State-of-the-art 4K Covert Cameras complement the Sony 4K Camcorders that each BLI team member carries. This normal looking keychain and remote control is actually a fully operational 4K Camera which is perfect for going into bars, grocery stores and other places where close video is needed and the larger camcorders would be detected.