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Our integrity has been demonstrated in thousands of sensitive situations and cases. We have the highest standards in the industry. From our law enforcement background and continuous training we offer the highest caliber in surveillance work. We are discreet and very result oriented.

At BLI we are experienced in testifying in Federal, State Courts and in Claims Hearings. Again, our integrity is above reproach.

The 4K video evidence (supplied on a USB 3 thumb drive) and expert testimony has significantly lowered (or eliminated) settlement awards. Many cases have settled before going to trial or hearing due to the work performed by BLI.



  • Workers Compensation Claims
  • Disability Injury Claims
  • Personal Injury Claims
  • Litigation Defense
  • Disgruntled Employees
  • Violent Employees
  • Internal Theft
  • Internal Fraud
  • Skip Tracing
  • Locates
  • Social Media Investigations

Surveillance Services

BLI provides surveillance in support of litigation defense for attorneys representing companies large and small. Before and during preparations for trial the BLI surveillance team consistently obtains 4K video that can significantly lower liability and at times eliminate it. The 4K presentations BLI puts on can drastically change the direction of a case.

Workplace Protection

Surveillance of a disgruntled or violent worker can help prevent catastrophes at the work place and potentially limit future liability. Surveillance in this area provides peace of mind and protection for management as well as employees. BLI investigator Jeffery Brose is widely known as an expert in this area.

Claims / Litigation Defense

By providing video evidence for the defense of suspicious claims, surveillance can help make informed, timely decisions regarding the acceptance or denial of a claim. It can also assist in getting a claimant released back to work.

Internal Theft / Fraud

The entire BLI team are experts in infiltrating, investigating and detecting internal fraud at the workplace.


BLI Investigations, Inc. (BLI) was started in 1990 by Jeffery Brose after a rewarding career in the Portland Police Bureau. He was twice commended for valor while with the PPB. One medal of valor came from Oregon Governor Victor Atiyeh, a very rare occurrence to this date. When he left the PPB for private work he was one of the most commended officers in the history of the bureau. Investigator Jeffery Brose continues to actively conduct surveillance and is involved in all assigned cases.

In 2006, Investigator Stephanie Wintermantel became a corporate officer with the retirement of Investigator Michael Lindsey and continues to work closely with her father Jeffery Brose and the rest of the BLI team. In 2018 Stephanie returned from maternity leave and continues to be a full-time investigator and a valued member of the BLI team.

In 2019, BLI took on Investigator Daniel Gusky as a general partner and stockholder. Investigator Gusky has worked for BLI for over a decade and is widely regarded as one of the top surveillance investigators in the Northwest. The work done by Investigator Gusky over the last decade continues to be one of the main reasons for the success of the BLI team.

For almost 3 decades BLI continues to be used by state and government agencies, insurance companies, law firms and corporations. What has made BLI unique is one principle that has guided it each day and that one principle is INTEGRITY. BLI continues to be a tight-knit group of licensed professionals doing surveillance work that is unmatched in the region. BLI has resisted expanding the business so they can continue to give a hands-on personal touch that has separated BLI especially from the national companies. Many times, when BLI is handed a last-minute case on a Friday there will be film on the desk of a client Monday morning.

The surveillance investigations the BLI team perform saves millions of dollars each year for our clients. BLI is the longest running surveillance only private investigation business in the State of Oregon.

Latest Technology

Since the inception of BLI there has been a constant commitment to use the most up to date equipment and technology for our product and bringing results to the client. BLI is unmatched in this area. BLI obtains 4K video and supplies the non-degraded product on thumb drives in MP4 format. Most investigative firms lose more than 40% of the quality of the video they supply by putting it onto DVD or CD’s. The result of this ongoing upgrade to the best equipment in the industry has been remarkably vivid video for our clients.

The video obtained is supplied on thumb drives but can also be viewed through a secure link which makes for instantaneous viewing of the film. For presentations to physicians or other venues BLI puts the 4K video onto new Apple IPADS for the presentation. In claims hearings or court presentations BLI puts on the demonstration using Sony 4K flat screens plugging in the thumb drives for unparalleled video quality. No other investigative firm in the Northwest does this.

State-of-the-art 4K covert cameras complement the Sony 4K Camcorders that each BLI team member carries. Our covert cameras are perfect for going into bars, grocery stores and other places where close video is needed and the larger camcorders would be detected.

More important than the equipment is an explicit knowledge of the laws regarding its use. The BLI team members are all experts in this area and BLI is in its 30th year without any claim against our actions or work. The best equipment and the product it produces are useless unless it is obtained legally and lawfully. This goes back to the basic philosophy of BLI and that is our integrity.

Client Satisfaction

Client satisfaction begins with agreeing on budget up front, then staying within it with results being the number one goal. It includes speedy completion of assignments and unmatched background checks before starting them. It involves continuous communication and feedback of our progress. It requires experienced professionals who know how to obtain and report evidence in a form suitable for civil litigation and/or criminal prosecution. It means being large enough to handle all of your investigative surveillance requirements but small enough to provide the best personal service.

Our superb performance and attention to detail provide you with accurate results and superb reports with vivid 4K photos (captured from the film) chronologically as you read.


We have many satisfied clients in the corporate, legal and insurance fields and are happy to provide references upon request. Our clients anonymity is never compromised.

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Are you allowed to record audio while conducting video surveillance?

No. Recording audio is illegal in any circumstance.

What makes BLI different from others PI companies?

BLI uses only the most experienced and reputable investigators. Our team consists of professionals that have made a career doing only surveillance. This is in stark contrast to the national PI firms that often cut costs using inexperienced investigators.

Furthermore, the quality of our product is always ahead of other firms. BLI was the first PI firm in the northwest to upgrade its cameras to 1080p and then 4K. When the next advancement in video hits the consumer market, whether it be 5K or 8K, BLI will be the first to update.

Will my case be confidential and secure?

Yes. We have worked with private parties, law firms, corporations, fortune 500 companies and even individuals known to the public. Regardless of who you are, we take client confidentiality very seriously and will not discuss your case with third parties. We go to great lengths to protect our client’s information, including 24 hours a day IT monitoring of our IP address.

Have you ever been detected by the subject of your investigation while on surveillance?

If a private investigator tells you they have never been detected while on a surveillance, they are either lying or not very experienced and should not be considered. While results cannot be guaranteed, we very rarely get detected. We spend hours of prep work to be successful while on the field. We are careful, methodical, and innovative in our tactics when on the field.

How long will you conduct surveillance on a workers’ comp case or similar during a day without activity before discontinuing?

Many factors will be considered before discontinuing. By default, many national firms will break off their investigator after 4 hours with no activity from the claimant. While they believe they are saving the client’s money, they are not. We find this method does not produce results and valuable documenting video is missed. We gather as much information as we can about a claimant before starting an assignment, from reading every page of a deposition to checking social media accounts. The intel we collect about the claimant’s daily habits will help ensure we are as efficient as possible with the allotted budget.


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